Public Announcement: New Inspection Guidelines- NSPIRE

Dear CCPHA Resident/ Landlord


This letter is to inform you of the new inspection system that will be starting 10/01/2024. Currently Housing Authorities have been using the inspection standard called HQS (Housing Quality Standards), this system has outlined how we’ve inspected units for years. On May 11, 2023, HUD published the “Economic Growth Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act: Implementation of National Standards for the Physical Inspection of Real Estate NSPIRE. NSPIRE establishes a new approach to defining and assessing housing quality. NSPIRE strengthens HUD’s physical condition standards and improves HUD oversight by aligning and consolidating the inspection regulations used to evaluate “HUD housing” as defined in 24 CFR 5.701(c), across multiple programs. Implementation of the NSPIRE final rule ensures that residents of HUD housing live in safe, habitable dwellings. It also ensures that the items and components located both inside and outside, and within the units of HUD housing are functionally adequate, operable, and free of health and safety hazards. More information on these notices is posted at


We understand that change can be hard, but we are here and fully committed to helping all of our residences, landlords, and property owners transition into NSPIRE smoothly. We have attached a list of some of the expected changes, and looked at items that will be viewed at time of NSPIRE inspections. We plan to have a resident/ landlord informational meeting in the near future to discuss these changes before the 10/01/2024 effective date. If you have any questions or concerns about this notice please contact us at 910-640-6618 or stop by the office located at: 612 N. Madison St. Whiteville, NC 28472 for more information. 





Rebecca Tyson, Executive Director