All listed items will cause a unit to fail, but MOSTLY all fails can be corrected. This list contains mostly “Life Threating Fails” and must be completed within 24 hours. All other fails can normally be corrected within 30-days. 

Fire and Life Safety Equipment:
Carbon monoxide alarms not installed in all required locations (ceiling of common area mechanical room with fuel burning system or bedroom that contains fuel burning system or in unit that is one story or less above/ below unventilated garage)
Smoke alarm is not installed where required (inside each sleeping area, outside each sleeping area, and on each level and 10 ft. away from cooking source, 36 inches away from window, duct or exterior door). Wall mounted 4-12 inches away from ceiling. Ceiling mounted 4 inches away from wall
Fire extinguisher pressure gauge reads over or under charged OR fire extinguisher service tag is missing, illegible, or expired OR fire extinguisher is damaged or missing
Sprinkler head assembly is obstructed by an item, object, or encasement within 18 inches of head OR paint or foreign material on sprinkler head assembly OR sprinkler head escutcheon is missing (ring around assembly) OR concealed sprinkler cover plate assembly is missing 
Exit sign is damaged, missing, obstructed, or not adequately illuminated
Fire escape component is damaged or missing (stair, ladder, platform, guardrail, or handrail)
Call for aid is missing, blocked, cord higher than 6 inches from floor
Electrical outlet or switch is damaged 
Fuse or breaker is damaged 
Electrical conductor is not enclosed or properly insulated (damaged sheathing, open port, missing knockout, missing outlet or switch cover, missing breaker or fuse, missing lightbulb) OR an opening or gap is present and measures greater than 1/4 inch.
Heating Systems:
Permanently installed heating source damaged, inoperable, missing or not installed and outside temperature is below 68 degrees Fahrenheit. 
Hot Water heater discharge line is to terminate between 2 to 6 inches from waste receptor flood-level (floor) 
Improperly stored flammable or combustible item on or near an ignition source
Obstructed egress (must be a minimum of 2 unobstructed means of egress to public way and 1 primary means from unit or inside of the building to the exit access 
Guardrail missing or not installed on walking surface which is more than 30 inches above floor or grade below OR guardrail not functionally adequate (missing a functional component or damaged or less than 30 inches in height or not securely attached and cannot reasonably protect from fall hazards)
Clothes Dryer transition duct detached or missing, OR exhaust ventilation system has restricted airflow, OR transition duct is constructed of unsuitable material
Sidewalk, walkway, or ramp is blocked or impassable, includes overgrown vegetation. Private Roads and Driveways: Road or driveway access to property is blocked or impassable for vehicles 
Infestations of roaches, bed bugs, rodents to include but not limited to birds, wasps, squirrels and moles in an interior area 
Mold-like substance including mildew: **Cumulative area of patches less than 1 sq foot and greater than 9 sq feet in a room is a 30-day correction; ***Cumulative area of patches less than 9 sq feet in a room in the UNIT is a 24 hour correction
GFCI protected outlets are now required at all “wet” locations. This includes the exterior and other areas within 6 feet of a water source (kitchens, bathrooms, etc)
The GFCI cannot be inoperable, or missing where required. 
Smoke Detectors- Each level of the unit (and common area) including basements must have a smoke detector. 
There must be a smoke detector in each bedroom- and within 21 feet of each bedroom door. 
Every smoke detector within the unit must either be hard-wired or a 10-year sealed tamper-resistant battery. Full Compliance to get the required smoke detectors will be 12/31/2024. Effective 01/01/2025 all units must have the smoke detectors as described in this passage. 
Windows with missing screens or damage 1” or larger, missing pane, inoperable lock, and a window that doesn’t open and stay open is considered a 30-day fail. 
Windows that will not close is considered a SEVERE fail and would need to be corrected within 30 days.